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Why shouldn’t your entertainment investment work for you in producing a working recovery factor!

Intrigued onlookers observe as an actual 1850’s Eli Parsons burring machine performs an edging operation in the production of a 19th Century Shaker tea kettle.

See materials event purchased derived into many of the following for cost recovery purposes! 
Items valued range from $15 to 64 each!  Default material consumed during shows would be period Tin, with optional upgrade to include copper.  Contact to learn how this entertainment pays for itself outside any offset in novelties sold, or cost back in material sales.

Natural Period Tin or Copper Materials as elected are consumed into living period archives during the course of this entertainments operation, and would be deemed property of the Fair, and any subsequent use, or monetary value declared would go back to the event as a donation.

Each of the following are living archive samples produced before an audience on actual 18th and 19th century tools.

CR-hearing horn

19th Century Tin hearing trumpet

cu-needle case

19th Century copper needle case

copper tender box

 18th Century copper tender box

copper soldiers keepers box

 19th Century copper soldiers keepers box

18th Century copper whale oil lamp

18th Century copper whale oil lamp

18th Century canister shot

19th Century tin canister shot shell

soldiers cartridge case

18th Century copper soldier's cartridge holder

copper snuffer

18th Century copper extinguisher

medical dosage cup

18th Century tin medical dosage cup

The above would just name a few of the many items produced!

If any unsold show souvenirs result beyond inaugural year, talent would agree to support the promotion of and or resale of such items on subsequent events served, proceeds would be tendered with receipt records, plus tally sheet to fair office at the conclusion of the event served.

Most events utilize souvenirs during the course of the year for fund raising auctions, or door prizes.  Talent does not retain any finished works, as materials consumed would be property of the Fairs served.


Your events custom logo could be included at cost for impact stamp!

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