Do you have a catalog?

Yes, and over the years it has grown to include multiple sections, which are deep and diverse, requiring site-specific information to clarify applications. Our guarantee is to make it right the 1st time with increased convenience for you!

What do you mean by “deep and diverse”?
Factors that would contribute to defining the best lighting solution are not immediately found in catalogs. A guess is typically made when it comes to factors such a fixture geometry, or physical size of fixture to application….plus the number of luminaries, energy requirements, finish color options…


But I have an immediate need, how long would it take for your assistance?

By filling out the quick submit section under product information page an immediate reply would be initiated ASAP.


What type of reply?

Either an immediate contact by phone from us, or a reply with spreadsheet information by email defining types we offer within 24 hours for the specific application. Be sure to supply best method of phone contact for confirmation.


Are prices included?

Yes, though specific options if any would guarantee best cost.


Is a price-matching guarantee provided on your design lighting fixtures?

Yes, only if equal parts are found to match physical features and materials produced in the USA and publicly sold in a retail-lighting showroom.


Do you custom design, manufacture and certify what you sell?

In addition to brokering a wide network of fixture resources, we have the means to custom design short run site-specific lighting fixtures with UL certified and approved components and controls. Additional in-house certification services are provided based on application and design requirements.

Is this lighting installed by user or by an electrical contractor?

All Lighting shipped includes installation instructions intended for a qualified user or licensed electrician to install. Follow labeled location requirements as intended either for interior or exterior use only.

Are Lighting products Warranted?
Brokered design fixture selections are warranted against physical or structural failure outside of incidental shipping damages for up to 90 days. All site-specific custom design fixtures are warranted for as long as you own it against breakage or separation of all brazed or joined parts. Negligence, rough use or improper use of any Lighting would absolve warranties. Excluded from warranty would be specific electrical components, glass, shades or bulbs.

I have never heard of your lighting products before, are they recommended?

We have served the internet and US market with fine lighting products since 1994 and to date have received rave reviews in product and service performance from both our residential and or commercial lighting customers.

Are replacement parts available for your brokered or custom lighting fixture products, such as pane glass, electrical components, bulbs, shades, etc?

Yes, bulbs and shades for brokered fans and lighting products in addition to entire parts for custom lighting products by quick phone support or E-commerce.

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