About Shoptin
Studio Exterior at street
The history behind the name “Shoptin”…
Originally in the New World or the Early English Colonies during the 18th century most lighting was handcrafted in a Shop using Tin Plated Iron or copper, thus the name Shoptin.
The name Shoptin was established in 1994 to bring design exclusive period historic decorative lighting products to the region; targeting a complete solution to technical lighting issues that are guaranteed and conclusive. As an authority in the total approach to specialty lighting needs, from period, to low energy contemporary, innovation is our earmark.
You may have observed and or read advertising editorials regarding our historic
lighting products in the following over the years:

To learn more about the founder of Shoptin and the world of complete design lighting services offered…click here, or to view a sampling of our contemporary site-specific design lighting options click here.


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