Recent  Period Design Product Applications
2014 to 2016
Small Bethania Mirror Sconce

Customer ID: L&R Dunn

Application type: 1850’s, private period residential

Site: Wilton, Conn. 06897

Scope of work: Custom adaptive period mirror wall lighting, in four locations.

Results: Small Bethania Mirror Sconce, Electric single candle, Design: Although common during the 18th and 19th centuries to observe mirror glass in sconces, this pattern was discovered as an archive and said to have adorned period homes in Bethania, North Carolina. Takes 1-60Watt max. candelabra bulb. (Includes: Cut to period size mirror glass reflector in 37 pieces to create a multi part reflection in luminaire, easy ring mount installation with hardware.)

Product ID:1051E-M2-C1

Customer comments: L&R Dunn- “Yes, the lighting and rings are exactly right.  Thank you so much for the follow up and your excellent customer service.”
Dates:  4/14 to 8/14
1700’s, private period residential 

Customer ID: F.E. Eller

Application type: 1700’s, private period residential

Site: Delmar, DE 19940

Scope of work: To accommodate illumination for interior period lavatory walls, plus illuminate properly a dining table having dimensions of 6 to 7.5 feet in length by 4 feet wide, with ceiling height of 8ft. 

Results: Lavatory:  Salem Corridor Sconce, Design: An adjusted rendition of Salem style sconce to accommodate tighter limits to vertical wall height dimensions. Takes 1-60Watt max. Incandescent or LED candelabra bulb. Features- Single beaded edged crown. 4 L x 5-1/2 W X 10 Ht

Dining table: 10 Arm Salem Gracile Elliptic Chandelier, Takes: 10-60Watt max. Incandescent or LED equivalent bulbs. Features: Closed hub assembly. (includes:#420 canopy kit) 18H x 38Dia.

Product ID: Lavatory walls-120GE, Dining- 5752E-C10-420E

Customer comments: F.E. Eller- “I received the lights and love them.  I can't wait to be able to get in the house and get them up… they are just exquisite and just what I wanted.”
Dates:  8/14 to 9/14
K.Scott Period- Franklin Tenn.

Customer ID: K. Scott

Application type: Mid 1700’s, private period residential

Site: Franklin, TN., 37067

Scope of work: Proportion to satisfy wall illumination based on intent or interior space, and use.

Results: Dual Arm Confederate Hearth Wall Oval Sconce, Takes 2-60Watt max. incandescent and or Led candelabra bulbs. Features: Period joinery using tinning rods exacting to period. 10L x 8W x 17H

Product ID: Custom Wall Sconce- 1072E-C2, Lantern- 300-46E-2C1-401E

Customer comments: K. Scott -“The lights just arrived and they are BEAUTIFUL!!  The color and craftsmanship exceeded all expectations.  Can't  wait to get them hung. Thanks again for all of your help.”
Dates:  3/15 to 4/15
Big Valley Giant Maple Film Productions

Customer ID: B. Bancroft

Application type: Commercial-Movie Set

Site: Giant Maple Films, Blaine WA 98230

Scope of work: 19th century maritime oil lantern

Results: Interior, Ships whale oil Signal Lantern, takes single 60 watt max.candelabra bulb. (Includes: Wire window guards, plus #230E 19th Century Oil burner lamp) [Notes: Access to electric oil burner and candelabra bulb is via side entry hinged door and latch assembly.]  6.5L x 6.5W x 14Ht

Product ID’s: Custom 390-482E-1C1

Customer comments: B. Bancroft- “Lanterns arrived today and are absolutely beautiful. Many thanks for your care and attention to our order and it's arrival to us. We greatly appreciate it.”
Dates:  8/15 to 12/15
1800’s-private period residential 

Customer ID: J&J Russell

Application type: 1800’s, private period residential

Site: Plainfield, Indiana, 46168

Scope of work: Period Ornamental work to accommodate a dining table with following dimensions: 4x8x2.5Ht, ceiling height 9ft.

Results: A 10 Arm Salem Gracile Elliptic Chandelier, Takes: 10-60Watt max. Incandescent and or LED equivalent electric candles, Features: Ornamental closed hub assembly, with sculpted period leaf detail. Includes: #420 ceiling canopy kit, 18H x 38Dia.

Product ID: Custom 5752E-C10-420E

Customer comments: J&J Russell- “The light was received yesterday evening.  The box took some hits but your method of packing protected the light and there was no damage.  Beautiful job.. We will treasure this light fixture.  It means so much more to know and talk to the artisan.”
Dates:  6/15 to 2/16
1829 Farmhouse 

Customer ID: C. McVey

Application type: 1829 Farmhouse, private period residential

Site: Lancaster, Ohio, 43130

Scope of work: To design with adaptive period intent a chandelier to accommodate low 7.3Ft ceiling height.

Results: Interior Anchor floral Style, Takes:  5-60Watt elc. Candelabra incandescent or LED equivalent bulbs. Features: Sunk and planished floral candle drip pans. (includes #405 canopy kit.)  Meas: 11.25Ht. x 20Dia.

Product ID: Custom 530E-C5

Customer comments: C. McVey- “Yes!  It's true & I love it!  Electrician coming tomorrow to install.  ..Packing was good & all arrived in perfect shape.”
Dates:  12/15 to 1/16
1700’s- private period residential 

Customer ID: D.J. Bray

Application type: 1700’s, private period residential

Site: Granville, Mass. 01034

Scope of work: To accommodate interior egress walls to include minimum profile with period illumination.  

Results: Tulip Sconce, originated by way of Dutch European colonial origin. Pattern was in circulation widely in the Northern colonies during the 1700's. Takes-1-60Watt max. Incandescent or LED equivalent candelabra bulb. [Optional: 8ft cord and roll switch, or direct wall wire & mounting hardware.] 3L x 4.75W x 11.75Ht

Product ID:103E

Customer comments: D.J. Bray- “Was very pleased, much better quality in work than observed in others, extremely pleased.”
Dates:  3/16 to 5/16
Mountain organic private residential 

Customer ID: V. Letzenberger

Application type: Mountain organic private residential

Site: Asheville, NC, 28804

Scope of work: Configure egress illumination for main entrance, wall mounted with equivalent design to accommodate pathway to entrance.

Results: Wall-4x6 Exterior New England Wall Mount, hung by hanger ring w/concealed wire, electric, takes 1-40Watt max. Candelabra blunt tip bulb, closed lantern base box. (Includes: #401E 4x6 Lantern Yoke wall hanger kit & hardware) [Notes: Candelabra bulb change via side glass vertical reciprocating sliding pane.] Includes standard clear glass, poly drip sleeve. Finishing: ABCU-Antique Bronzed Copper

Post-6 x 9 Exterior New England Post Mounted single candle period electric, Non-banded glasses, takes 1-60 Watt max. Candelabra bulbs.  [Notes: Candelabra bulb change via vertically reciprocating glass side pane]  Includes standard clear glass, poly drip sleeve. Designed to accommodate a 3in outside diameter metal mounting post. Finishing: ABCU-Antique Bronzed Copper. 

Product ID: Wall mounted- 300-460E-2XC1-401E, Post- 300-69E-4XC1

Customer comments: V. Letzenberger – “MFelk’s courtesy, attention to detail and follow-up are absolutely outstanding, far, far better from what one would expect from even the best specialty business. It was a privilege to deal with him”
Dates:  2/16 to 6/16
1860’s Farm house 

Customer ID: S. Manuel

Application type: Mid 1860’s Farm house, current conventional construction

Site: Salisbury NC 28146

Scope of work: Determined photometric egress illumination to cover 17ft x 8ft x 7ft cube, resulting in requirement of 13ft.cndles., 86% met at 11ft.cndles. using a single 100W-T4 Halogen, with advised dimmer switch. Fixture designed would incorporate geometry of residence, equaling a19th century oil base with flame height, or halogen bulb type.

Results: 10x10 Exterior Shaker Custom Post Mounted, Electric, Non-Banded, Non-period glass. Bulb:  Takes: 1-100 Watt max., design spec.-50T4/C-100 watt; Halogen; T4; Clear; 2000 Average rated Hours; 1600 Lumens; Bi Pin GY6.35 base; 120 volts. Includes: Side glass hinged door and latch system, Oil burner styled oil base and frosted glass chimney, custom internal 10" vertical with outer slip mounting sleeves to a cast iron post owner provided, dual ornamental screened breath vent ports located on tapered crown cap or hat, ornamental custom spear decoration on crown top, plus all mounting hardware. Notes: Access to chimney and bulb is by a side hinged and latched door.

Product ID: Custom 370-(10)(10)3EH1-4OB

Customer comments: S. Manuel - “Really satisfied with fixture, and will update on other exterior lighting required in future.”
Dates:  8/16 to 8/16
1700’s-Oil Candle Conversion Lantern 

Customer ID: J&C Parker

Application type: 1700’s, private period residential

Site: 1800’s Conover Farm House, Middle town, NJ, 07748

Scope of work: Originate from original patterns a Candle to Oil, portable carry lantern.

Results: 1780-1860's- 4x8-Interior/Exterior New England table or ceiling hung lantern. Takes-single 6.5 in tall by .75in dia. period wax candle. Includes: Single side hinged and latched exterior cabinet door, three interior clipped glass lenses plus X Cross bowed bands about each of all 4 sides of lantern. Features: 1-Period whale oil-burning fluid lamp, wick and initial starting fuel with handle plus candle socket adapter base, 4-each table surface standoff feet, plus period dual chimney with included triple period bead turning on outer chimney with open non-screened chimney vent.  Additional miscellaneous parts not included: Period candle or additional burning fluid, additional wicks or wick tweezers, flame extinguishers. 4.25L x 4.25W x 13.625Ht

Product ID: Custom 300-(4)(8)2-1BC1-230C1-OBX

Customer comments: J&C Parker- “Yes, the lantern is quite the item!  I really love it a lot!”
Dates:  8/16 to 9/16
1700s Moravian Lighting 

Customer ID: S. Sugg

Application type: Mid 1700’s, private residential

Site: Greensboro, NC, 27408

Scope of work: Proportion to satisfy a fixture for a low ceiling height, not confining, though satisfy kitchen area with proper illumination plus be best in cost with period Moravian theme.

Results: 12 in. Moravian Star Chandelier, 4-60Watt incandescent or LED equivalent electric candles (includes modified #405 canopy kit)-No cost adjustments, in addition to fluting edges of drip candle pans, Crown sleeve transition turned in single Ogee bead, Candle sleeves-poly drip wax-4in. ht. ea.

Product ID: 520E-C4-405E

Customer comments: S. Sugg – “Outstanding experience from start to finish! MFelk is very knowledgeable about the field and is a credit to the craft. Communication was convenient and pleasurable. I look forward to future projects.”


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