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Shoptin products are supperior and warrantied for life!
We are unparalled to non-other in our cost when you compare historic detail, joinery, and wire conductor concealment!
Simply the best with a 100% customer satisfaction history for over 20years!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Our work is designed to originate to the environment exclusively, providing a wholesale direct pricing platform.

No billing or payment information is required until you confirm an invoice from us.
Thus you can change and or add items until confirmation, or by completing your project in phases.
To obtain item detail simply click on image for a second page detail to be displayed, further left click will enlarge yet further.
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Shipping Date:
Notice many items are in stock for immediate shipment! Allow up to 4 to 6 weeks to obtain your custom order! All products are fabricated by hand using period tools by highly dedicated craftsman in the United States of America! Materials are all biodegradible and naturally derived, to comply with sound environmental stewardship.
Notice many unwarrantied inferior Tin and Copper products are on-line, do your research and support art industries made in America

Lifetime warranty would be included on all fabricated parts and hardware as fashioned to historic specifications, when normal use applies to application as intended.
Excludes glass, electrical parts, and or bulbs.

Period Lighting as designed is intended to meet site requirements as guaranteed, and would be exclusive to the site, though upon exception or due to revisions post shipping date, a return shipping fee and or nominal restocking fee may apply. Credit as gained from return would apply against adjustments or replacements.

Review and record abbreviations for any one or more of the following optional features per fixture location desired.

If any questions simply phone toll free between 8:00am to 6:00pm (EST) Mon.-Sat. for direct immediate support at (336) 428-0406!
Purchasing options
3rd Party Alloy Finish Colors
Exterior Material options are 100% pure Copper, or Galv-Tin.  Copper bronzed finishes are also available, simply address your requirements with your order. These rugged life time finishes support both interior damp or exterior wet applications.
Natural Pure Copper Natural Antique Copper Verdigris Green Copper Dark Pewter Antique Brass Natural Raw Brass Antique Brass Dark Aged Brass

 [RC] Natural Raw Copper

 [AC] Antique Copper

 [VG] Verdigris Green

 [DAB] Dark Pewter Aged Brass

 [RB] Natural Raw Brass

 [AB] Antique Brass

 [DB] Dark Aged Brass

Inhouse Period Organic finish choices
(BACU) Bronzed Antique Copper (TACU) Textured Antique Copper (ACU) ST-Antique Copper

(VG) ST-Verdigris Green Copper

(AB) ST-Antique Brass (DAB) ST-Dark Antique Brass  
Inhouse Period Tin Plated Iron Colors
Options below are only intended for interior dry locations, contact direct for (PACU) Pewter Antique Copper option an equal substitute to satisfy Antique tin or pewter dark iron gray finishing for steam damp or exterior wet applications. (PACU) is a special order material with limited stock on hand.
18th Cnt Tin 19th Cent Tin PA Tin

[18th] 18th Century Tin

[19th] 19th Century Tin

[PA] Pewter Antique Tin

Lantern Glass Finish Options:

Flat clear seedy glass Globe clear seedy glass Flat seedy marine glass globe seedy marine glass Flat frosted white glass Caramel flat earth textured
[CSG] Flat clear seedy glass [CSG] Onion globe clear seedy glass [SMG] Flat seedy marine glass [SMG] Onion globe seedy marine glass [FST] Flat or Globe frosted white  [CRML] Flat Earth Textured

 Lantern mounting, reflectors, shades, and bulb options
 (Click on image below to enlarge)


Lantern Pier Mounting

Cast Aluminum Pier Mount  (Epoxy kit supplied)

Epoxy Lantern Mounting kit

Standard Pier Mount

Pier standard mounting

Ornamental Pier Mount

Ornamental pier mounting

Lantern Cabinet interior reflectors 

Mirror Small 4 1/2" Dia.
Mirror Large 6" Dia.


Brass Small 4 1/2" Dia.
Brass Large 6" Dia.


Period Mercury Style 7" Dia.

Red cedar post

Includes PVC in ground mounting kit.
( 5in. dia. x 96 in. long)
Other custom Lengths available.

Turned Cedar Post Tappered cedar post

[P102] Turned

[P104] Tappered

Optional Sconce or Chandelier
Candelabra Shades

[BS] Black


[CH] Cowhide


Standard Incandescent bulbs

Candelabra Base
25W, 40W, 60W

Candelabra Base (frosted) 25W, 40W, 60W Medium Base (clear)
Medium Base (frosted) 60W
Candelabra-clear-incand Candelabra-frosted-incand Med-base-clear-incand Medium base-frosted-incand

Exclusive Specialty Bulbs

Candelabra base
.4W equal to 7watts incandescent 

Teflon Candelabra base (frosted) 7W LED
Medium Base (frosted) equal to 10watts incandescent
1890's Edison Medium Base (clear) 40W
LED-Candelabra Bulb LED-Medium base Edison Medium base

18th - 19th century candle sleeve types
Note: 19th century oil lamp bases available if not included in fixture type, contact to learn more.

(A) Interior or Exterior Brass
(B) Exterior Poly Cream
(C) Inteior Fibre drip
(D) Exterior Poly Drip
(E) Interior cream


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