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The following include multiple options & features with life time warranty.

 101E-Moravian-Sconce 101E
Moravian Sconce
Detail in form originates from Architectural arched entry ways and window frames typical to private and commercial structures in the 18th century community of Old Salem, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Modified Moravian Sconce  1012E-X1-C1
Modified Moravian Sconce
Same features as above though modifed to accomdate narrow hallways or doorways.

 Butterfly Sconce 102E
Butterfly Sconce
Sculpted and formed crown is thought to have originated by the 1st Moravian Tin smith of Old Salem or Gottlieb Shober circa 1700's.  When observed as originally illuminated by flame, the flicker of flame created the effect of a floating butterfly.

 18th Century Tulip Sconce 103E
Tulip Sconce 
Thought to have originated by way of Dutch colonial origin. Pattern was in circulation widely in the Northern colonies during the 1700's.

 18th Century Period Shaker Sconce 104E
Shaker Sconce
Pattern source is from the Andrews Collection of the Hancock Shaker village in Massachusetts.  By the simplistic lines and utility, a common variety observed in many northern colonies during the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

 Shaker dual candle sconce 114EC2
Shaker Narrow Double
A variation in original Shaker type to accommodate narrow passage ways and doorways with increased illumination.

 Period Shaker Custom Perforated Sconce 115EC3
Shaker Triple Perforated
Wall plates for many original sconces would have been perforated with a family crest or motiff, and custom options are available to accomodate a grouping, matching motiff and custom alloy finish color.

 Shaker Triple Narrow 115BEC3
Shaker Triple Narrow
Variation designed in this type includes increased illumination less perforation art as observed in the above.  Ideal when defined for the proper room geometry and grouping.

 Period Round Vanity Style Sconce 1051E-C1
Round Sconce
Widely observed style typically aside mirror glass, or vanity applications. Simplicity and beauty best define this common pattern during the 18th century.

 Bethania Mirror Sconce 1051E-M-C1
Bethania Mirror Sconce
Although common during the 18th and 19th centuries to observe mirror glass in sconces,  this pattern was discovered as an archive and said to have adorned period homes in Bethania, North Carolina.

 Period 18th Century Oval Sconce 106E
Oval Sconce
A typical pattern thought to have originated from England, and subsequently observed in many colonial properties. The curvature of reflector was to present a focal light with deflection of draft.

 Dual Oval Sconce 106E-C2
Oval Dual Sconce
Tandem side-to-side candles during the period in same pattern would be typical, though limited on draft conditions.  Necessity for increased decorative illumination is always welcomed based on site requirements, thus multiples should be photometrically balanced based on site requirements correctly.

 Confederate Oval Sconce 107E
Confederate Oval Sconce
A common southern style of sconce thought to have originated in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Pattern would have consisted of one to three candles during period.

 Pineapple Sconce 108E
Pineapple Sconce
This pattern a declared welcoming symbol for seafarers would adorn walls at entranceways to private homes and taverns in coastal colonial towns.

 Salem Sconce 120E
Period Salem Sconce
A Moravian pattern from the MESDA collection, said to adorn a Childs bedroom. Typically the Childs name was perforated on the crown of this sconce and located at headboard wall facing out.

 Modified Salem Sconce 120GE
Modified Salem Sconce
An adjusted rendition of Salem style sconce to accommodate tighter limits to vertical wall height dimensions.

 NE Bethania Designer Mirror Sconce VSTNE-100
NE Bethania Designer Mirror Sconce

Arched Medium Continental Mirrored VSTNE-101M-LT1
Arched Medium Continental Mirrored

Scalloped Crown Sconce VSTNE-103
Scalloped Crown Sconce

NE Shaker Sconce VSTNE-104
NE Shaker Sconce

NE Shaker Round Inset Sconce VSTNE-105
NE Shaker Round Inset Sconce

NE Tulip Sconce VSTNE-108
NE Tulip Sconce

NE Shaker Narrow Dual Candle Sconce VSTNE-109-LT2
NE Shaker Narrow Dual Candle Sconce

NE Geom Scallop VSTNE-110
NE Geom Scallop

NE Floral Round Scalloped with hand turned detail  VSTNE-114
NE Floral Round with thin roll turning

NE Crystal Chimney Sconce VSTNE-115G
NE Crystal Chimney Sconce

NE Single Goose Arm Sconce VSTNE-119
NE Single Goose Arm Sconce

NE Finial Crown Continental Mirrored VSTNE-126
NE Finial Crown Continental Mirrored. Optional antique mirror available, traditional included.

NE Dual Goose Arm Sconce VSTNE-129-LT2
NE Dual Goose Arm Sconce

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